FibroBlog Monday: Some of our favorite blogs and posts

The fibromyalgia community is fortunate to have many talented writers who, despite everyday challenges of living with chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms of fibromyalgia, continue to raise awareness of this very real condition by sharing their personal and poignant stories on their blogs. The National Fibromyalgia Association launched our own FibroBlog early this year, and we are honored to join the ranks of those raising their “blog voices” for the millions of people with fibromyalgia.

We read and follow many fibromyalgia blogs, and every so often, we would also like to share some of them with you:

Chronic Connection
If my children have learnt anything positive about having a “Chronic Mom”, it is that they not only demonstrate compassion toward me when they can see that I’m struggling, but towards each other, and others in their lives.  They are such gentle souls, with an amazing grasp of awareness towards others, and I’m very proud of them both… Read more….

Fibromyalgia Blog
This is a list of 45 simple ways to improve your life.  Nothing drastic. Nothing requiring years of therapy or hard work. Just minor changes that have major effects. You can apply these tips now to immediately add more  joy, positivity, and zest to your life…Read more…

Oh My Aches & Pains
How to really help me when I ask for your help
Perhaps the most frustrating thing about being disabled is needing to ask for help. The second most frustrating thing is navigating the whole dynamic of being the person who is being helped. Low and behold, I have discovered that many strange things can happen when you ask your family, friends and strangers for help…Read more...

In the Shadows of Fibromyalgia
Things are going pretty well, considering you have fibromyalgia. Then out of the blue it suddenly hits – the dreaded flare. And you wonder, what could have caused this to happen? Read more

Graceful Agony
I am extremely honored, and VERY excited to announce that Graceful Agony has been nominated in THREE categories of The Canadian Weblog Awards for 2010!!  HOORAY!!! The Canadian Weblog Awards is a juried competition that showcases and recognizes excellence in Canadian Blogs, and the art of ‘blogging’.  There are several categories, and come January 1st, 2011 – 3 winners will be announced for each category!! Read more

Felicia Fibro
Sensitivities to Light
For people with fibromyalgia sensitivities to light, sound and touch can greatly alter their day to day lives. Bright lights, sounds that are numerous or loud and even light touch can trigger pain and cognitive difficulties quickly…Read more

Rebuilding Wellness
Is your ache all in your head?

While wogging this morning (walking a little/jogging a little), I had a thought. Exercise does that to me. It helps me do a bit of mental cave spelunking. Today, I thought about pain levels…Read more…

Is it time to rethink the fibromyalgia doctor-patient relationship?
As a fibromyalgia patient, what are your expectations when you arrive for your doctor appointments? Do you arrive prepared to work with your doctor on how best to manage the troubling symptoms of fibromyalgia, or do you arrive hopeful that he/she will have some treatment, some answer that will once and for all end your suffering? Read more…

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